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A New Challenge–A Competition For My Friends!

Last night, I officially closed in on my next challenge…a new chapter for me. Next year, I’m going to take on a challenge, previously only a dream. I’m really excited about it and I want to share the adventure with each of you.

I’m taking a BIG trip after I complete my pipeline installation next July. Departing in August, I am going to withstand extreme conditions, resurrect my training from college (“no stress or strain can erase it”), and apply all of which I will learn over the next 9 months in the journey to prepare.

It’s going to be a life altering experience and I’m looking forward to proving myself not only on the trip, but on the journey. Most of my journey will be over the next 9 months preparing. I’ll be doing some RECONDO and cutting approximately 60-75 lbs, training like many of my Crossfit friends (Brendan Mahoney, Kevin Goff, Brad Faucett and Marianne Lawson, etc–there are alot of you), learning to run like Don Fagan, Samantha McClellan, and Jeffrey McClellan, absorbing altitude and cold weather techniques from my friends TA Loeffler and Alan Arnette, and generally getting my swagger back–think July 2004.

It’s time to summon the inner beast (LC Fit, Dexter, Alec, and Candace-style). It’s been a while, but the best I felt in a long time was after an endurance challenge to Mera Peak in 2013. Last year, my follow-on trip to Bolivia was cancelled due to my eye problems and I used it to excuse getting ready for another trip.

This year, I’ll have no excuses. No medical excuses to be lazy. No more, “I’m too tired.” No more unhealthy eating habits. Time to change–a forever change, not a 1 year adjustment. I will need each of you to help me along the way. I will try to revert to my old ways and I need to be slapped in the face when that happens (yes figuratively and literally).

I will be raising money for charity and donating 100% of what is raised to helping our returning war veterans get whatever support they need. I will announce the charities after I fully review their administrative cuts as I want as much of the proceeds go to helping the cause as possible.

So now is the fun part for you. Guess what the trip is. Your clue for today is below.

Tyler Russell 2013.
Tyler Russell 2013.

People exempt from this challenge are John Howlett, my mother, my wife (I gotta get you to come with me), and potentially Betty Whalen (you might remember since I was brainstorming it before).

Two guesses per day
Every day I’ll post a photo clue

Glory in winning

P90X Day 1

P90X Day 1:  Chest and Back + Ab Ripper X complete.  Two major observations tonight.

  1. The human body gets lazy and out of shape VERY fast.  Not working out for a few months has seriously set me back.
  2. Lifting extra weight only makes Tony Horton’s abuse of your body hurt more.  I need to lose my weight fast.  Things like pullups don’t work well when you weigh this much.

After it’s all said and done, I would say that score is Tony Horton 1, Tyler 0.  89 more workouts of this round of P90X, so I still have a chance.  I sure don’t remember Day 1 being so bad in Oslo.  I remember it was hard, but nothing like I felt tonight.  I pushed myself so hard I nearly threw up 3 or 4 times–that’s something that never has happened to me.  Not even as a 4 degree at the US Air Force Academy.  I know I’ll see big improvements, but I have to stick with it.  Tomorrow and Wednesday are tough as it’s Plyometrics tomorrow, followed by Shoulders & Arms.  Because we started on a Monday, our stretch/off day will be Sundays and Kenpo X on Saturday is the first real reprieve for the first 3 weeks.

I want to make sure to give a few people credit for getting me onto this.  One is Joel Sydanmaa , who is my P90X “coach” and a great role model.  See my post HERE for his transformation video.  Second, Jeff McClellan who encouraged me for a long time to try out the program.  Third, my wife, who took me kicking and screaming to the basement to our gym to make sure I did the workout.  Last, TA Loeffler, who reminded me how awesome climbing is and the kind of shape I need to be in to go to Everest in 2015.  Check out her page HERE.

I promise to post my before and after pictures when I don’t think I look like a ridiculous fatty anymore.  I’m too embarrassed to even consider it right now.  I promise the transformation will be worth the wait.

P90X Tonight


Is anyone interested in starting a P90X with me tonight?  I feel so lazy right now and need to bounce out of it–it’s really been this way since I got back from Nepal in May.  I plan to complete P90X and get on the clean eating plan I have seen written so many times.  I’ve been suffering from bad eating habits for a while now, but one or two large meals a day is not in the cards anymore.  I need to make a change and just stay with it–no more diets.

I’m going to start logging all my food intake again and trying 4-5 smaller meals, which will require me to prepare food ahead of time for work weeks.  It’s important to break up the big change into smaller segments that can be attained.  Last time I did P90X, while I lived in Oslo, I lost about 30 lbs the first month and ate most of everything I wanted for all three months.  I’d love to have the same results or more on this journey!

My end goal is to weigh 230 lbs which will likely take most of 6-8 months to accomplish.  At this weight I will be able to climb better, my workouts will be more efficient, endurance workouts will have less impact on my joints, etc.  I’m ready to get started and would love some other people to join in with me!  Let me know if you’re interested and we can find a way to post our successes and keep each other motivated day-to-day!