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Training Week 1 for Cho Oyu

Training Week 1 for Cho Oyu

View from atop a cold Signal Hill
View from atop a cold Signal Hill.

This week I got my mind in gear for the climb ahead and got off the couch and out on the streets with my pack, tires, and ankle weights.  I have two 25 lb tires that I set up to drag behind me and pull my chest back as I pull up the hill (it also slows the descent).  I learned to use the tires from my good friend TA Loeffler (her site is www.taloeffler.com).  She recommended that I give it a try while training for Mera Peak last year and boy did it make a difference.

A simple 20 minute hike up Signal Hill became a 30 minute adventure.  I upped the ante a bit and made it two tires thus making my ascent time approximately 45 minutes.  The interesting thing about using two tires at the same time is that the weight of the tires compresses your lungs–I strap the ropes attached the tires over my chest like a climbing sling.  The compression on my lungs makes breathing much more difficult and has helped my lung strength already.  Another added benefit of the extra tire is an additional 500-600 calorie burn for the round trip.

In addition to the two tires, I packed a 30 lb 55L Osprey pack to simulate the load that I’ll carry up high on Cho Oyu.  I find that due to my leg strength additional weight in the backpack has little impact on my ability to summit or adding much difficulty.  I may buy an expedition style backpack and try a HEAVY day with about 60-70 lbs to see what that feels like.

Last, and certainly not least, are my ankle weights.  While training, I don’t use my double-plastic boots that I’ll be wearing on the mountain.  Those plastic boots weigh about 5 pounds each–my foot is enormous!  Climbing Mera Peak, one of my complaints was tired legs up high.  One of the main reasons for that was that I had not adequately anticipated the amount I would be wearing the plastic boots.  With a 3.5 lb difference between the plastic boots and my trekking boots, I had not prepared my legs for the repetition of lifting the extra weight for significant time and distance.  This year, I will be prepared.

Off to go get another workout in!  Check out the links and photos from this week below…

Photos from the drag….

View towards St. John's from Summit
View towards St. John’s from Summit. Tyler Russell 2015.
Dragging a tire
Dragging a tire. Tyler Russell 2015.
A chance to smile about the summit.
A chance to smile about the summit. Tyler Russell 2015.

Garmin Fenix Outputs from my training last weekend


A New Challenge–A Competition For My Friends!

Last night, I officially closed in on my next challenge…a new chapter for me. Next year, I’m going to take on a challenge, previously only a dream. I’m really excited about it and I want to share the adventure with each of you.

I’m taking a BIG trip after I complete my pipeline installation next July. Departing in August, I am going to withstand extreme conditions, resurrect my training from college (“no stress or strain can erase it”), and apply all of which I will learn over the next 9 months in the journey to prepare.

It’s going to be a life altering experience and I’m looking forward to proving myself not only on the trip, but on the journey. Most of my journey will be over the next 9 months preparing. I’ll be doing some RECONDO and cutting approximately 60-75 lbs, training like many of my Crossfit friends (Brendan Mahoney, Kevin Goff, Brad Faucett and Marianne Lawson, etc–there are alot of you), learning to run like Don Fagan, Samantha McClellan, and Jeffrey McClellan, absorbing altitude and cold weather techniques from my friends TA Loeffler and Alan Arnette, and generally getting my swagger back–think July 2004.

It’s time to summon the inner beast (LC Fit, Dexter, Alec, and Candace-style). It’s been a while, but the best I felt in a long time was after an endurance challenge to Mera Peak in 2013. Last year, my follow-on trip to Bolivia was cancelled due to my eye problems and I used it to excuse getting ready for another trip.

This year, I’ll have no excuses. No medical excuses to be lazy. No more, “I’m too tired.” No more unhealthy eating habits. Time to change–a forever change, not a 1 year adjustment. I will need each of you to help me along the way. I will try to revert to my old ways and I need to be slapped in the face when that happens (yes figuratively and literally).

I will be raising money for charity and donating 100% of what is raised to helping our returning war veterans get whatever support they need. I will announce the charities after I fully review their administrative cuts as I want as much of the proceeds go to helping the cause as possible.

So now is the fun part for you. Guess what the trip is. Your clue for today is below.

Tyler Russell 2013.
Tyler Russell 2013.

People exempt from this challenge are John Howlett, my mother, my wife (I gotta get you to come with me), and potentially Betty Whalen (you might remember since I was brainstorming it before).

Two guesses per day
Every day I’ll post a photo clue

Glory in winning