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A New Challenge–A Competition For My Friends!

Last night, I officially closed in on my next challenge…a new chapter for me. Next year, I’m going to take on a challenge, previously only a dream. I’m really excited about it and I want to share the adventure with each of you.

I’m taking a BIG trip after I complete my pipeline installation next July. Departing in August, I am going to withstand extreme conditions, resurrect my training from college (“no stress or strain can erase it”), and apply all of which I will learn over the next 9 months in the journey to prepare.

It’s going to be a life altering experience and I’m looking forward to proving myself not only on the trip, but on the journey. Most of my journey will be over the next 9 months preparing. I’ll be doing some RECONDO and cutting approximately 60-75 lbs, training like many of my Crossfit friends (Brendan Mahoney, Kevin Goff, Brad Faucett and Marianne Lawson, etc–there are alot of you), learning to run like Don Fagan, Samantha McClellan, and Jeffrey McClellan, absorbing altitude and cold weather techniques from my friends TA Loeffler and Alan Arnette, and generally getting my swagger back–think July 2004.

It’s time to summon the inner beast (LC Fit, Dexter, Alec, and Candace-style). It’s been a while, but the best I felt in a long time was after an endurance challenge to Mera Peak in 2013. Last year, my follow-on trip to Bolivia was cancelled due to my eye problems and I used it to excuse getting ready for another trip.

This year, I’ll have no excuses. No medical excuses to be lazy. No more, “I’m too tired.” No more unhealthy eating habits. Time to change–a forever change, not a 1 year adjustment. I will need each of you to help me along the way. I will try to revert to my old ways and I need to be slapped in the face when that happens (yes figuratively and literally).

I will be raising money for charity and donating 100% of what is raised to helping our returning war veterans get whatever support they need. I will announce the charities after I fully review their administrative cuts as I want as much of the proceeds go to helping the cause as possible.

So now is the fun part for you. Guess what the trip is. Your clue for today is below.

Tyler Russell 2013.
Tyler Russell 2013.

People exempt from this challenge are John Howlett, my mother, my wife (I gotta get you to come with me), and potentially Betty Whalen (you might remember since I was brainstorming it before).

Two guesses per day
Every day I’ll post a photo clue

Glory in winning

Eye Surgery–Changing Plans Instead of Giving Up!

Well, a fun turn of events has caused me to cancel my Bolivia expedition with International Mountain Guides next month. The eye drops I was taking to prevent my cornea from rejecting, caused my left eye to get a PSC Cataract. Since my condition is far from normal, I will be back in Atlanta for surgery all of July.

Since my vacation for the year was focused on this trip, I am working with IMG to find some other climbs later that will help me meet the same goals. I will be looking for some rope skills training and high altitude exposure like I had in Nepal last year. I will be carrying some vacation over to next year, so the plan is to do a few trips here and there and then maybe do an expedition next year when I will be in between jobs.

I can’t release any info yet, but I’m thinking of my first 8000m peak next summer/fall or if delayed a different 7000m peak in Spring 2016.

Details will follow, but wanted to update you on the happenings.

Cold is not a reason to take a day off…keep training!

Trained today in some of the coldest weather recently.  You can see we got a nice 606 calorie burn, despite the (-12ºC, or 12.2ºF for those of you in the US) pulling tires tonight up Signal Hill.  We only had time for one lap, but it felt good.  Piled on the warm clothes, left the office, and made it happen.  It was kind of fun climbing the hill in the dark, which I hadn’t done before.  Thinking of giving it a go again tomorrow AM, so I don’t have to go after work.  I want to get 5 good training days in a week, a day of yoga, and a stretching day.


Ice on a house near Signal Hill. Tyler Russell 2014.
Ice on a house near Signal Hill. Tyler Russell 2014.
Signal Hill at Night. Tyler Russell 2014.
Signal Hill at Night. Tyler Russell 2014.
Christine Dragging a Tire at Night. Tyler Russell 2014.
Christine Dragging a Tire at Night. Tyler Russell 2014.
Too Cold to Open Our Eyes! Tyler Russell 2014.
Too Cold to Open Our Eyes! Tyler Russell 2014.

While the conditions were cold and windy (I’m calculating the wind chill to be -7ºF), it made me think about Alan Arnette’s recent post about mental vs. physical toughness, when attempting Everest.  After the Air Force Academy, I always found that mind beats body almost every time.  High altitude, cold, fatigue, etc. will wear you out physically, but as long as your brain can keep you motivated and making good decisions, you can probably still top out (though this is not true of high altitude sickness–that requires you to descend if meds don’t help).  I didn’t summit Mera because I wasn’t prepared for the conditions at the top.  My pack felt heavy, my legs were exhausted, there was barely any air to breathe, my wife was sick at the bottom, the rest of the group had turned around, etc.  These things make you second guess why you’re standing on top of the mountain.  I’ll need to train this out of me for Bolivia this year.

Glad I have one trip under my belt, so I can be ready for the next.  Everest is shaping up to be a 2017 trip, due to work restraints, but we’ll see if we can squeeze it in for 2016 still.

Tire Draggin’ and Heavy Feet

Training for Illimani again today.  Weather was a bit brutal.  Cold and windy on top of Signal Hill, but we made some big improvements from last time.  We hauled up tires, backpacks, and wore ankle weights to help simulate the weight of our legs with climbing gear on and the slowness of climbing at altitude.  You can see from the Garmin page that we did about 4 miles.  It was a great day to train and glad we got up and made it happen.

Video from Climb.  Pretty out of breath!

Weights and tire for training.  Tyler Russell 2014.
Weights and tire for training. Tyler Russell 2014.
View from Signal Hill with Clouds.   Tyler Russell 2014.
View from Signal Hill with Clouds. Tyler Russell 2014.
Standing on a summit!  Tyler Russell 2014.
Standing on a summit! Tyler Russell 2014.

Looking to  keep dropping weight and be ready for this climb in July.  Time is running out!  Time to get of the computer and find some healthy food for dinner.


Update on Doolittle Raiders…Still Need 34 Congressional Reps

James Doolittle, Jimmy Doolittle, Marc A. Mitscher
Doolittle Air Raiders – FrontPageMag

We’ve made significant progress on getting Congressional Gold Medals for the Doolittle Raiders.  The Senate has enough votes to make it happen; thanks for your help with those calls. The House needs another 34 votes and this is a done deal! Many Representatives have not even heard about the bill (HR 1209), so your calls are important. Can you help make calls? If you can, I’ll give you names and numbers! One call can be all the difference for these American heroes…

Here is the list of names that have not cosponsored yet.  Notice how pathetic Congressional leadership is right now?  None of the big names are on the list yet! Can you make calls to these people?  The bill is a one-pager and easy to read.  No spending attached.

Representative Party State
Aderholt, Robert Rep AL
Amash, Justin Rep MI
Andrews, Robert Dem NJ
Bachmann, Michelle Rep MN
Bachus, Spencer Rep AL
Bass, Karen Dem CA
Becerra, Xavier Dem CA
Bera, Ami Dem CA
Bishop, Timothy Dem NY
Blumenauer, Earl Dem OR
Bonamici, Suzanne Dem OR
Braley, Bruce Dem IA
Brooks, Susan Rep IN
Brown, Corrine Dem FL
Butterfield, G.K. Dem NC
Camp, Dave REP MI
Campbell, John Rep CA
Cantor, Eric Rep VA
Capito, Shelley Moore Rep WV
Capps, Lois Dem CA
Carney, John C. Jr., Dem DE
Cartwright, Matthew Dem PA
Chaffetz, Jason Rep UT
Clay, Wm. Lacy Dem MO
Cleaver, Emmanuel Dem MO
Clyburn, James E. Dem SC
Costa, Jim Dem CA
Crowley, Joseph Dem NY
Davis, Danny K. Dem IL
Davis, Rodney Rep IL
DeGette, Diana Dem CO
Delaney, John K. Dem MD
DeLauro, Rosa Dem CT
Deutch, Theodore Dem FL
Dingell, John D. Dem MI
Doyle, Michael F. Rep PA
Duffy, Sean Rep Wi
Duncan, Jeff Rep SC
Ellison, Keith Dem MN
Ellmers, Renee Rep NC
Esty, Elizabeth Dem CT
Faleomavaega, Eni F.H. Dem AS
Fattah, Chaka Dem PA
Fitzpatrick, Michael G. Rep PA
Foster, Bill Dem IL
Foxx, Virginia Rep NC
Frankel, Lois Dem FL
Franks, Trent Rep AZ
Frelinghuysen, Rodney Rep NJ
Garamendi, John Dem CA
Garcia, Joe Dem FL
Garrett, Scott Rep NJ
Gerlach, Jim Rep PA
Gibson, Christopher Rep NY
Goodlatte, Bob Rep VA
Gosar, Paul Rep AZ
Gowdy, Trey Rep SC
Grayson, Alan Dem FL
Gutierrez, Luiz V. Dem IL
Hanabusa, Colleen Dem HI
Hanna, Richard Rep NY
Harris, Andy Rep MD
Hastings, Doc Rep WA
Heck, Joseph Rep NV
Hensarling, Jeb Rep TX
Herrera Beutler, Jaime Rep WA
Higgins, Brian Dem NY
Himes, Jim Dem CT
Holding, George Rep NC
Holt, Rush Dem NJ
Honda, Mike Dem CA
Horsford, Steven Dem NV
Hoyer, Steny H. Dem MD
Huelskamp, Tim Rep KS
Huffman, Jared Dem CA
Hurt, Robert Rep VA
Jeffries, Hakeem Dem NY
Johnson, Henry C “Hank” Jr Dem GA
Kelly, Mike Rep PA
Kelly, Robin Dem IL
Kennedy III, Joseph P Dem MA
Kirkpatrick, Ann Dem AZ
Labrador, Raul R. Rep ID
Langevin, Jim Dem RI
Lankford, James Rep OK
Lee, Barbara Dem CA
Lewis, John Dem GA
Lofgren, Zoe Dem CA
Lowenthal, Alan Dem CA
Lowey, Nita Dem NY
Lucas, Frank Rep OK
Lujan Grisham, Michelle Dem NM
Lynch, Stephen F. Dem MA
Maloney, Carolyn Dem NY
Marino, Tom Rep PA
Massie, Thomas Rep KY
Matheson, Jim Dem UT
Matsui, Doris O. Dem CA
McAllister, Vance Rep LA
McCarthy, Carolyn Dem NY
McCarthy, Kevin Rep CA
McGovern, James Dem MA
McHenry, Patrick T. Rep NC
McIntyre, Mike Dem NC
McKeon, Buck Rep CA
Meadows, Mark Rep NC
Meehan, Pat Rep PA
Meeks, Gregory W Dem NY
Meng, Grace Dem NY
Miller, Gary Rep CA
Miller, George Dem CA
Moore, Gwen Dem Wi
Mullin, Markwayne Rep OK
Nadler, Jerrold Dem NY
Negrete McLeod, Gloria Dem CA
Palazzo, Steven M. Rep MS
Pallone, Frank Dem NJ
Pascrell, Bill Jr. Dem NJ
Pastor, Ed Dem AZ
Payne, Donald M, Jr. Dem NJ
Pelosi, Nancy Dem CA
Petri, Tom Rep WI
Pierluisi, Pedro R. Dem PR
Pingree, Chellie Dem ME
Pocan, Mark Dem WI
Polis, Jared Dem CO
Price, David E. Dem NC
Price, Tom Rep GA
Quigley, Mike Dem IL
Radel, Trey Rep FL
Rangel, Charles B. Dem NY
Ribble, Reid J. Rep WI
Rice, Tom Rep SC
Richmond, Cedric L. Dem LA
Rigell, E. Scott Rep VA
Rogers, Harold Rep KY
Rogers, Mike (AL) Rep AL
Roskam, Peter J. Rep IL
Ross, Dennis A. Rep FL
Rothfus, Keith J. Rep PA
Roybal-Allard, Lucille Dem CA
Ruiz, Raul Dem CA
Runyan, Jon Rep NJ
Ruppersberger, C. A. Dutch Dem MD
Ryan, Paul Rep Wi
Sablan, Gregorio Kilili Camacho Dem MP
Salmon, Matt Rep AZ
Sanford, Mark Rep SC
Sarbanes, John P. Dem MD
Schneider, Bradley S. Dem IL
Schrader, Kurt Dem OR
Schwartz, Allyson Dem PA
Schweikert, David Rep AZ
Scott, Robert C. “Bobby” Dem VA
Sensenbrenner, F. James, Jr. Rep WI
Serrano, Jose E. Dem NY
Sherman, Brad Dem CA
Shuster, Bill Rep PA
Sires, Albio Dem NJ
Smith, Adrian Rep NE
Smith, Christopher H. Rep NJ
Speier, Jackie Dem CA
Swalwell, Eric Dem CA
Terry, Lee Rep NE
Thompson, Bennie G. Dem MS
Thompson, Mike Dem CA
Thornberry, Mac Rep TX
Tierney, Jonh F. Dem MA
Tipton, Scott R. Rep CO
Tsongas, Niki Dem MA
Van Hollen, Chris Dem MD
Velazquez, Nydia M. Dem NY
Viscolosky, Peter J. Dem IN
Wasserman Schultz, Debbie Dem FL
Waters, Maxine DEm CA
Watt, Melvin L. Dem NC
Woodall, Rob Rep GA
Yarmuth, John A. Dem KY
Yoder, Kevin Rep KS
Young, Don Rep AK


Help with Phone Calls…

Listen up people, we have an opportunity here to UNITE on the principle that our World War II veterans are heroes. I am asking you to take 5 mins to make calls to Representatives and Senators who have not signed on to authorize the Doolittle Toyko Raiders the Congressional Gold Medal i.e. Senator Cruz, every Representative from Alabama, etc.

I don’t care if you are Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or you don’t care about politics. There is nothing preventing you from honoring the 80 brave men who led this attack.

Intentionally, I didn’t link you to a news article–this is the House Bill, HR 1209 (A Senate version exists as well SB 381). Read the link or Google to find out why these 80 airmen deserve the award.  We need 290 sponsors in the House and 66 in the Senate. Let’s get this done for these brave men.  The list of those who need to be called are below…

Link to the Bill


Call these Representatives now…

Representative Staff Staff E-mails    Info
Aderholt, Robert Jennifer Groover    
Amash, Justin Kurt Couchman    
Amodei, Mark Jason Riederer    
Andrews, Robert Jonathan Golden    
Bachmann, Michelle Jason Frye    
Bachus, Spencer Thomas Crockett    
Barletta, Lou Megan Perez    
Barr, Andy Eric Landis    
Bass, Karen Chris Randle    
Joyce Beatty Jennifer Storipan    
Becerra, Xavier Sirat Attapit    
Bera, Ami Nisha Ramachandran    
Bilirakis, Gus Miriam Keim    
Bishop, Timothy Ned Waters    
Blumenauer, Earl Michael Harold    
Bonamici, Suzanne Carly Katz     
Boustany, Charles Mike Thompson    
Braley, Bruce Akshai Datta    
Brooks, Mo Stephen Davis    
Broun, Paul Austin Carson    
Corinne Brown Lee Footer    
Bustos, Cheri Donald Rozman    
G.K. Butterfield Kyle Parker    
Calvert, Ken Rebecca Keightley    
Camp, Dave Adam Pradko    
Campbell, John Chris Bognanno    
Cantor, Eric Joel Katz    
Capito, Shelley Moore Mckenzie Clark    
Capps, Lois Chantelle Tolliver    
Capuano, Michael E. Ray Bennett    
Cárdenas, Tony Stephen Botsford    
Carney, John C. Jr., Matt Tincus    
Cartwright, Matthew Mae Stevens    
Cassidy, Bill Christine Lofgren    
Chaffetz, Jason Ryan Little    
Christensen, Donna M. Shelley Thomas    
Chu, Judy Mariana Maguire    
Clarke, Yvette D. Kenya Handy    
Clay, Wm. Lacy Richard Pecantte    
Cleaver, Emmanuel Breanna Cameron    
Clyburn, James E. Matthew Ellison    
Coffman, Mike Evan Armstrong    
Connolly, Gerald Hera Abbasi    
Costa, Jim Andy Flick    
Crenshaw, Ander Erica Stribel    
Crowley, Joseph Kevin Casey    
Davis, Danny K. Joseph Peters Cosponsor H.R. 1209 to award the Congressional Gold Medal to the Doolittle Raiders
Davis, Rodney Ashley Phelps    
DeGette, Diana Tommy Walker    
Delaney, John K. Craig Radcliffe    
DeLauro, Rosa Daniel Zeitlin    
DelBene, Susan Casey Katims    
Denham, Jeff Chris del Beccaro    
Dent, Charles Kristin Dini    
DeSantis, Ron Zach Howell    
Deutch, Theodore Joel Richard    
Diaz-Balart, Mario Miguel Mendoza    
Dingell, John D. Greg Sunstrum    
Doyle, Michael F. Jean Roehrenbeck    
Duckworth, Tammy Stephanie Ueng    
Duffy, Sean Robert Hamill    
Duncan, Jeff Rebecca Ulrich    
Ellison, Keith Stephen Lassiter    
Ellmers, Renee Mac Mckinney    
Jason Smith (replaced Jo Ann Emerson) Ryan Hart    
Engel, Eliot L. Heidi Ross    
Esty, Elizabeth Tom Stewart    
Faleomavaega, Eni F.H. David Richmond    
Fattah, Chaka Jared Bass    
Fitzpatrick, Michael G. Anthony Enck    
Fleming, John Matthew Silver    
Foster, Bill Jim Callaghan    
Foxx, Virginia Cyrus Artz wont cosponsor
Frankel, Lois Josh Cohen    
Franks, Trent Elizabeth Krest    
Frelinghuysen, Rodney Steve Wilson    
Fudge, Marcia Clifton Williams    
Gabbard, Tulsi Dylan Beesley    
Garamendi, John Chris Austin    
Garcia, Joe        
Garrett, Scott Catherine Bloodgood    
Gerlach, Jim Dante Cutrona    
Gibbs, Bob Pat Tully    
Gibson, Christopher Dennis Bartow    
Gingrey, Phil Caulder Harvillchilds    
Goodlatte, Bob Lindsay Yates    
Gosar, Paul Michael Mansour    
Gowdy, Trey Christopher Ingraham    
Graves, Tom Rebecca Anderson    
Grayson, Alan David Bagby    
Griffith, H. Morgan Adam Harbison    
Grimm, Michael Aaron Rigel    
Guthrie, Brett Joel Miller    
Gutierrez, Luiz V. Kathryn Johnson    
Hahn, Janice Brian Bell    
Hanabusa, Colleen Sean Callahan    
Hanna, Richard Sean Snyder    
Harper, Gregg Ty Mabry    
Harris, Andy David Bennett    
Hastings, Alcee David Opong-Wadee    
Hastings, Doc Justin Prosser    
Hensarling, Jeb Drew Davidhizar   wont cosponsor
Herrera Beutler, Jaime Jessica Wixson    
Higgins, Brian Chimso Okoji    
Himes, Jim Andrew Karwoski    
Holding, George Kris Denzel    
Holt, Rush Patrick Eddington    
Honda, Mike Helen Chung    
Horsford, Steven Don Andres    
Hoyer, Steny H. Mariah Sixkiller    
Hudson, Richard Matthew Haskins    
Huelskamp, Tim Juliana Heerschap    
Huffman, Jared Scott Rasmussen    
Hultgren, Randy Doug Thomas    
Hunter, Duncan D Jimmy Thomas    
Hurt, Robert John Lange    
Jeffries, Hakeem Matt Wiesenthal    
Jenkins, Lynn Ginger Niemann    
Johnson, Henry C “Hank” Jr Scott Goldstein    
Jordan, Jim Jared Dilley    
Joyce, David Adam Wolf    
Kaptur, Marcy John Latini    
Kelly, Mike Isaac Fong    
Kelly, Robin Brandon Webb    
Kennedy III, Joseph P Kate Foster    
Kildee, Daniel Troy Nienberg    
Kind, Ron Diana Maas    
King, Pete Deena Tauster    
Kinzinger, Adam Michael Essington    
Kirkpatrick, Ann Melissa Munoz    
Kline, John Joe Ben Garza    
Labrador, Raul R. Bekah Demordaunt    
Lance, Leonard John Byers    
Langevin, Jim Michael Hermann    
Lankford, James Michelle Altman    
Larsen, Rick Marc Numedahl    
Larson, John B. Tim Brown    
Latham, Tom Jacob Parker    
Lee, Barbara Pablo Castro    
Lewis, John Jamila Thompson    
Lipinski, Daniel Frank Pigulski    
LoBiondo, Frank Mark Aitken    
Lofgren, Zoe Melody Reis    
Lowenthal, Alan Frances Marquez    
Lujan Grisham, Michelle Isaac Padilla    
Lujan, Ben R. Aaron Trujillo    
Lynch, Stephen F. Mariana Osorio    
Maloney, Carolyn Lauren Shapiro    
Maloney, Sean Patrick Ryan Lehman    
Marino, Tom Peter Mihalick    
Massie, Thomas Seana Cranston    
Matheson, Jim Joel Bailey    
Matsui, Doris O. Louis Agnello    
McCarthy, Carolyn Kimberly Young    
McCarthy, Kevin Brandon Eden    
McDermott, Jim Jessica Lee    
McGovern, James Alicia Molt    
McHenry, Patrick T. Krista Stafford    
McIntyre, Mike Blair Milligan    
McKeon, Buck William Norgard    
McKinley, David Devon Seibert    
McNerney, Jerry Exodie Roe    
Meadows, Mark Kristi Gribble    
Meehan, Pat Michael Kirlin    
Meeks, Gregory W Jordan Morris    
Meng, Grace Justin Oswald    
Messer, Luke Mary O’Keeffe    
Miller, Gary Ashli Eastwood    
Moore, Gwen Erik Sawcett    
Mullin, Markwayne Michael Stwarka    
Murphy, Tim Brad Grantz    
Nadler, Jerrold Ben Freeman    
Negrete McLeod, Gloria James Hauser    
Noem, Kristi L. Peter Eckrich    
Nolan, Richard M. Jim Swiderski    
Norton, Eleanor Holmes Mariana Boyd    
Nunes, Devin Audrey Marks    
Palazzo, Steven M. Verice Bennett    
Pascrell, Bill Jr. Alyssa Penna    
Pastor, Ed Jane Sheehan    
Paulsen, Erik Matt Gallivan    
Payne, Donald M, Jr. Thomas Saunders    
Pearce, Stevan Patrick Cuff    
Pelosi, Nancy Patricia Ross    
Perry, Scott George O’Connor george.o’    
Peterson, Collin C. Chris Iacaruso    
Pierluisi, Pedro R. George Laws    
Pingree, Chellie Matthew Mackenzie    
Pittenger, Robert Stephen Billy    
Pitts, Joseph R. Josh Althouse    
Pocan, Mark Sydney Terry    
Polis, Jared Adam Lowenstein    
Pompeo, Mike Preston Kerr    
Price, David E. Jackson Tufts    
Price, Tom Alex Brunory    
Quigley, Mike Joseph Bushong    
Radel, Trey Abby Dosoretz    
Rahall, Nick J. II Rachel Meyer    
Rangel, Charles B. Patrick Burns    
Renacci, James B. Lauren Sheehan    
Ribble, Reid J. Kyle Roskam    
Rice, Tom Robby Wehagen    
Richmond, Cedric L. Zach Butterworth    
Rigell, E. Scott John Thomas    
Roby, Martha Mac Tolar    
Rogers, Harold Megan O’Donnell megan.o’    
Rogers, Mike – MI Adrian Foster    
Rogers, Mike – AL Whitney Zerett    
Rohrabacher, Dana Kevin Holsclaw    
Rokita, Todd Corban Teague    
Rooney, Thomas J. Jessica Moore    
Roskam, Peter J. Joe Fawell    
Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana Nathan Gately    
Ross, Dennis A. Kyle Glenn    
Rothfus, Keith J. Brian Ryckman    
Roybal-Allard, Lucille Matt Lee    
Royce, Edward R. Melissa Medina    
Ruiz, Raul Orfa Torres    
Ruppersberger, C. A. Dutch Deborah Haynie    
Rush, Bobby L. Nishith Pandya    
Ryan, Paul Robert Swift    
Sablan, Gregorio Kilili Camacho Frances Diaz    
Salmon, Matt Lliam Morrison    
Sanchez, Linda T. Melissa Kiedrowicz    
Sanchez, Loretta Annie Yea    
Sanford, Mark Justin Ouimette    
sarbanes, John P. Jason Gleason    
Scalise, Steve Chris Hodgson    
Schakowsky, Janice D. Nina Besser    
Schneider, Bradley S. Tyler Stapleton    
Schock, Aaron Kelli Ripp    
Schrader, Kurt Adam Daniel    
Schweikert, David Ryan White    
Scott, David Will Anderson    
Scott, Robert C. “Bobby” David Dailey    
Senesenbrenner, F. James, Jr. Todd Washam    
Serrano, Jose E. George Sullivan    
Sewell, Terri A. Matt Reel    
Shea-Porter, Carol Susan Mayer    
Sherman, Brad Marc Shultz    
Shimkus, John Jim Goldenstein    
Shuster, Bill Sean Joyce    
Simpson, Michal K. Solara Linehan    
Sinema, Kyrsten Michael Brownlie    
Sires, Albio Max Bernas    
Slaughter, Louise MnIntosh Matt Mcmurray    
Smith, Adam Paul Hoover    
Smith, Adrian Megan Beveridge    
Smith, Christopher H. Cate Benedetti    
Smith, Jason T. Erick Harris    
Speier, Jackie Josh Connolly    
Stivers, Steve Jesse Walls    
Swalwell, Eric Dean Wallace    
Terry, Lee Graham Dufault    
Thompson, Bennie G. Cory Horton    
Thompson, Glenn Darrell Owens    
Thompson, Mike Jesse Haladay    
Thornberry, Mac Jason Goodale wont cosponsor
Tierney, Jonh F. Kevin Mcdermott    
Tipton, Scott R. Jeff Small    
Titus, Dina David Rosenbaum    
Tonko, Paul Jeff Morgan    
Tsongas, Niki Nathan Bell    
Upton, Fred Nick Bush    
Valadoa, David G. Chris Marklund    
Van Hollen, Chris Ben Cook    
Velazquez, Nydia M. Clarinda Landeros    
Viscolosky, Peter J. Alexander Schorsch    
Wagner, Ann Josh Davidson    
Walden, Greg John Howard    
Walorski, Jackie Annie Boyajian    
Wasserman Schultz, Debbie Jacqueline Thomas    
Waters, Maxine Aron Bussey    
Watt, Melvin L. Eric Love    
Waxman, Henry A. Mira Resnick    
Webster, Daniel Andrew Tyrrell    
Whitfield, Ed Adam Moore    
Wilson, Joe Chad Sydnor    
Wittman, Robert J. Dan Prochazka    
Wolf, Frank R. Julia Angelotti    
Woodall, Rob Chase Murray    
Yarmuth, John A. Jessica Phelps    
Yoder, Kevin Joseph Eannello    
Young, Don Jason Suflavich    
Young, Todd C. Josh Miller    


Climbing Bolivia in 2014–Preparation for 8000m peaks!

I’m excited to write you all a post about climbing Bolivia next July/August.  Christine and I are planning a trip to Bolivia with IMG next year to start our preparation for higher mountains later.  Our focus on this trip will be three mountain summits–Illimani (21,200 ft), Pequeño Alpamayo (17,482 ft), and Huayna Potosi (19,974 ft).  The link for the trip is below:

Summit of Illimani – from IMG Photos


Illimani High Camp – from IMG Photos

I am really looking forward to the trip already.  It will give Christine and I more practice with mountaineering techniques like crampon and ice axe technique, and practicing group roped glacier travel.  This trip will last a couple weeks for the lower two mountains and the third mountain will require an extra week, but is optional.

Those of you thinking of climbing with me on Everest should consider this as a test of your body at higher altitudes.  I would love to have you all on the trip!  Let me know if you are interested and I can give you the details…

Alan Arnette Summits Manaslu – World’s 8th Highest Peak

At 26,759’ or 8,156 meters, Manaslu is a mountain less climbed that the famous Everest, but poses interesting challenges.  I recommend that you take a few minutes to read about Alan’s climbing adventures on his webpage.  Alan Arnette, just summited Manaslu and his review includes some amazing photos and video from this lesser climbed region.  Please take a minute to Congratulate him for his success!

As I continue to train for my own climb in Nepal, I urge those of you coming with me to Everest Base Camp or higher to consider some of Alan’s experiences while planning your training, packing, and travels.

Alan climbed with another reputable company, Altitude Junkies, that specializes in these kind of climbs.  We will be using another service for our Everest trip called International Mountain Guides.  The experience will be similar, but also different.  I have been on the phone with Eric Simonson, who has been guiding mountains since 1973, and he is prepared for all of us to have our own trip to Everest Base Camp and higher!

For those of us with interest to climb higher, start the adventure today–you cannot over prepare!  Our trip above Everest Base Camp, will require us to acclimitize on Lobouche (a 6000m peak), which will prepare you for climbs through the Khumbu Icefall and higher on the mountain!

Look forward to confirming with all of you that have responded with interest to see Base Camp of the World’s Tallest Mountain!


P90X Day 1

P90X Day 1:  Chest and Back + Ab Ripper X complete.  Two major observations tonight.

  1. The human body gets lazy and out of shape VERY fast.  Not working out for a few months has seriously set me back.
  2. Lifting extra weight only makes Tony Horton’s abuse of your body hurt more.  I need to lose my weight fast.  Things like pullups don’t work well when you weigh this much.

After it’s all said and done, I would say that score is Tony Horton 1, Tyler 0.  89 more workouts of this round of P90X, so I still have a chance.  I sure don’t remember Day 1 being so bad in Oslo.  I remember it was hard, but nothing like I felt tonight.  I pushed myself so hard I nearly threw up 3 or 4 times–that’s something that never has happened to me.  Not even as a 4 degree at the US Air Force Academy.  I know I’ll see big improvements, but I have to stick with it.  Tomorrow and Wednesday are tough as it’s Plyometrics tomorrow, followed by Shoulders & Arms.  Because we started on a Monday, our stretch/off day will be Sundays and Kenpo X on Saturday is the first real reprieve for the first 3 weeks.

I want to make sure to give a few people credit for getting me onto this.  One is Joel Sydanmaa , who is my P90X “coach” and a great role model.  See my post HERE for his transformation video.  Second, Jeff McClellan who encouraged me for a long time to try out the program.  Third, my wife, who took me kicking and screaming to the basement to our gym to make sure I did the workout.  Last, TA Loeffler, who reminded me how awesome climbing is and the kind of shape I need to be in to go to Everest in 2015.  Check out her page HERE.

I promise to post my before and after pictures when I don’t think I look like a ridiculous fatty anymore.  I’m too embarrassed to even consider it right now.  I promise the transformation will be worth the wait.