Training for Bolivia!

Bolivia training is off and going!  Christine and I have been in the gym and hauling tires up Signal Hill here in St. John’s.  

I’m really excited about this trip and am happy with all the gear we bought last year.  On Black Friday, I ordered all my own climbing gear to go along on the trek.  Airfare is bought and TravelEx insurance will be updated tomorrow.  I’m really lucky to have a chance to do this climb with IMG.  Very much looking forward to the thin air and the tough climbs!


IMG’s webpage has a great description, “For our July and August expeditions we start with a couple nice training climbs in the Condoriri area of the Cordillera Real like Pequeño Alpamayo (17,482′). Then, we head over to Huayna Potosi (19,974′). These are excellent climbs, requiring a variety of snow and ice climbing skills. If you have the time, take advantage of your acclimatization by adding the higher and steeper Illimani (21,200′).”  Since Christine and I signed up for all 3 climbs, we have a lot to prepare for.  We need to prep TA and Alan style!

Sunset on Signal Hill.  Tyler Russell 2014.
Sunset on Signal Hill. Tyler Russell 2014.


Christine on Signal Hill dragging tires. Tyler Russell 2014.

We are both eating healthy and working out.  Hoping to slim down a bit more this month so I can squeeze into the next size down where most of my winter gear works much better!  The more cardio, the better right now.  It’s important that I don’t cut much muscle as I lose, so I do need to  keep lifting to maintain my strength.

It’s time to kick some ass and take names!  Wish us luck.  Tomorrow is a climbing day again…

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