Climbing Bolivia in 2014–Preparation for 8000m peaks!

I’m excited to write you all a post about climbing Bolivia next July/August.  Christine and I are planning a trip to Bolivia with IMG next year to start our preparation for higher mountains later.  Our focus on this trip will be three mountain summits–Illimani (21,200 ft), Pequeño Alpamayo (17,482 ft), and Huayna Potosi (19,974 ft).  The link for the trip is below:

Summit of Illimani – from IMG Photos


Illimani High Camp – from IMG Photos

I am really looking forward to the trip already.  It will give Christine and I more practice with mountaineering techniques like crampon and ice axe technique, and practicing group roped glacier travel.  This trip will last a couple weeks for the lower two mountains and the third mountain will require an extra week, but is optional.

Those of you thinking of climbing with me on Everest should consider this as a test of your body at higher altitudes.  I would love to have you all on the trip!  Let me know if you are interested and I can give you the details…

Alan Arnette Summits Manaslu – World’s 8th Highest Peak

At 26,759’ or 8,156 meters, Manaslu is a mountain less climbed that the famous Everest, but poses interesting challenges.  I recommend that you take a few minutes to read about Alan’s climbing adventures on his webpage.  Alan Arnette, just summited Manaslu and his review includes some amazing photos and video from this lesser climbed region.  Please take a minute to Congratulate him for his success!

As I continue to train for my own climb in Nepal, I urge those of you coming with me to Everest Base Camp or higher to consider some of Alan’s experiences while planning your training, packing, and travels.

Alan climbed with another reputable company, Altitude Junkies, that specializes in these kind of climbs.  We will be using another service for our Everest trip called International Mountain Guides.  The experience will be similar, but also different.  I have been on the phone with Eric Simonson, who has been guiding mountains since 1973, and he is prepared for all of us to have our own trip to Everest Base Camp and higher!

For those of us with interest to climb higher, start the adventure today–you cannot over prepare!  Our trip above Everest Base Camp, will require us to acclimitize on Lobouche (a 6000m peak), which will prepare you for climbs through the Khumbu Icefall and higher on the mountain!

Look forward to confirming with all of you that have responded with interest to see Base Camp of the World’s Tallest Mountain!